Course board

Responsabilita' mobilita' studenti

Course Council

The Course council is formed by the Professors that teach in the Course, the Researchers that make didactic activities supporting the classes and by a representative of students. The activities of the Course Council are organized as described in the Regolamento didattico di Ateneo.

Quality assurance responsible of the Course (RAQ)

Francesco Zanichelli

Manager of the didactic quality of the Course (MQD)

Elena Roncai

Review Group

Aurelio Piazzi (President), Elena Roncai (MQD), Davide Piccinini (Student)

Incoming guidance

Giovanna Sozzi

Postgraduate guidance

Annamaria Cucinotta

Responsible for tutorial activities


International mobility

Luca Consolini

Responsable for foreign language exams

Armando Vannucci

Equal opportunities and vulnerable groups

Fabio Bozzoli