Admission test

The students intending to enroll in the second-level Degree in Computer Engineering must have achieved a first-level Degree or an equivalent certificate issued abroad, as per the relevant law in force.
The compliance of the interested students with the curricular requirements as well as the adequateness of their knowledge shall be assessed before their enrolment, according to the following procedures, wholly explained in the Regulations for this Course.
Students shall be considered compliant with the curricular requirements provided they have achieved a Degree in Information Engineering (Class L-8 pursuant to the Italian Ministers’ Decree (DM) 270/2004 or Class 9 according to the Italian Ministers’ Decree (DM) 509/1999), and provided they have an adequate knowledge of the English Language, as per the provisions below.
Graduates from other Degree classes, including three-years Degrees, as well as the holders of other valid certificates, qualifications or diplomas can enroll in the second-level Degree in Computer Engineering, provided they have achieved a specific number of University Credits in specific subjects.
The assessment and verification of the students’ individual knowledge is always separate from their compliance with the curricular requirements for this Course. The assessment of students’ knowledge is automatically considered as passed, provided the students have achieved the Degree required for access to this Course within a mark threshhold, as per the relevant Regulations. Otherwise, the assessment of students’ knowledge shall be carried out, in full compliance with the relevant Regulations, by a specific Commission, through an oral exam, whose outcome is certified towards enrollment.

For better information contact Incoming guidance Responsible, Prof. Giovanna Sozzi